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Who We Are

Founded in 1937, we are the oldest continuously chartered troop in Gulf Stream Council.  We are a scout-led troop, and we believe that scouts learn best by doing, even if they make mistakes.  We are also a fully integrated, co-ed troop, welcoming both male and female scouts. 

What We Do

We are an active troop.  At meetings, we play games and learn scout skills.  We also plan for our next outings.  We camp at least once a month during the school year.  On campouts, we practice scout skills, like hiking, swimming, backpacking, canoeing, and sometimes snow skiing, white water rafting, river tubing, and scuba diving (for those who are certified).  During the summer months, we go to summer camps, both locally and out of state, usually in the mountains.  Hello, cooler weather!  

We believe in service – we seek to give back to our charter organization, Memorial Presbyterian Church,  and our community.   

Come join us!

During the school year, we meet every Thursday night at 7 pm at Memorial Presbyterian Church on the campus of Palm Beach Atlantic University. 


New members are always welcome!

TONIGHT! 1/29 Yellowstone/Summer Camp 2023 and High Adventure 2024 Zoom info Meeting

Posted on Jan 28 2023 - 10:10pm

Do you need more info about the Yellowstone Trip? Do you want to know what high adventures have been booked for 2024?  This zoom meeting is for you!

Ted Talks History

Posted on Jan 28 2023 - 8:31pm

       Due to the fact that we are meeting about summer camps today I thought I would share a quick history of how our local high adventure camp, Sea Base was founded. In the early seventy's Sea Base was began as the Florida Gateway to High Adventure. Sam Walmper, a member of South Florida Council, founded Sea Base as an opportunity for scouts of all areas to enjoy the fun experiences that our ocean and the Keys have to offer. In 1979, Sea Base caught the eye of national scouting, and so it was adopted into the High Adventure Camps of America. Since 1980, Sea Base has had many expansions, some of which are finding a permeant location, receiving Big Munson Island, and starting a SCUBA Diving program. To wrap this up, Our High Adventure Camps give us the experience of fully embracing the outdoors, and getting to know nature, but we don't need all of these camps just to experience the outdoors, let's not forget where we live and how we can embrace our environment.

Thank you for a great open house

Posted on Jan 26 2023 - 10:17pm

Dear Scouts,

Thank you so much for making all of us leaders so proud!!! And look so good!!! Truly, you are all a great example of scout spirit and dedication. 

Ted Talks History

Posted on Jan 21 2023 - 8:46pm

    Seeing that Troop 13 is celebrating Scout Sunday today at Memorial Pres, I thought I would dedicate this blurb to the history of Scout Sunday and tell you more about it. Scout Sunday was created as a day to recognize the adults and youth who help and provide service in Scouting. It is usually celebrated the Sunday before February 8, which is the anniversary of the creation of Scouting. This is the opportunity to celebrate and take time to reflect on the principle of a Scout being reverent. Celebrating Scout Sunday can mean whatever you want it to mean, every Troop celebrates in their own unique way. If, like Troop 13, a Troop is associated with a Church or other religious association, it will most likely involve celebrating or gathering with the congregation. It could mean reading with or singing with a congregation, volunteering, or even an act as simple as wearing your uniform to a religious service. Scout Sunday was created to honor scouts and those that help and provide service in scouting, but its message also carries over to the ones who support us from the outside. So as a reminder today as we celebrate Scout Sunday, please pay respect to the people at Memorial Pres who have supported our troop for so long and are the unseen heroes of our Troop.

Ted Talks History

Posted on Jan 14 2023 - 12:25pm

     In light of Luke Krayeski's Eagle Project next weekend, I thought I would share with you how the Eagle Scout Project came to be. When the Boy Scouts were first created the Eagle Scout Project did not exist. In 1927 the Eagle requirement was "a record of satisfactory service" and in 1952 the Eagle requirement was changed to "do your best to help in your home, school, church or synagogue, and community." On October 1, 1965 the Eagle Scout Project as we know it today was added and in 1972 it became required to also "give leadership to others." The Eagle Project reminds us to do service not only for the recognition but for helping our community and those around us. The project brings leadership and service together to further better our community and to put in practice everything we have learned in Scouts along the way.

Ted Talks History

Posted on Jan 7 2023 - 9:35pm

  This being my first historian blurb that doesn't have to do with the holidays, I thought I would start off where it all began with the foundation of scouting. It all was started by Baden-Powell in 1907, this program known as Scouting for Boys was for youth aged 11 to 18. The handbook that taught those boys how to be a scout was an immediate hit and over 100 million copies have been sold since. From 1909 to 1918 Scouting for Boys spread all around the globe and became known as Boy Scouts. Meanwhile, scouting attracted younger youth, and out of that Cub Scouts was born. Fast forward to 1945, with the end of World War II countries who previously were not able to have scouting were now free to participate. Over the next few months, I look forward to telling you all about moments in scouting history that will inspire us to become better scouts ourselves. Now the reason I wanted to share this with you is because yes, it is important to move forward with our future, but we can't do that without remembering our past.

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