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Who We Are

Founded in 1937, we are the oldest continuously chartered troop in Gulf Stream Council.  We are a scout-led troop, and we believe that scouts learn best by doing, even if they make mistakes.  We are also a fully integrated, co-ed troop, welcoming both male and female scouts. 

What We Do

We are an active troop.  At meetings, we play games and learn scout skills.  We also plan for our next outings.  We camp at least once a month during the school year.  On campouts, we practice scout skills, like hiking, swimming, backpacking, canoeing, and sometimes snow skiing, white water rafting, river tubing, and scuba diving (for those who are certified).  During the summer months, we go to summer camps, both locally and out of state, usually in the mountains.  Hello, cooler weather!  

We believe in service – we seek to give back to our charter organization, Memorial Presbyterian Church,  and our community.   

Come join us!

During the school year, we meet every Thursday night at 7 pm at Memorial Presbyterian Church on the campus of Palm Beach Atlantic University. 


New members are always welcome!

Have a Great Week Lanoche Campers!!!!

Posted on Jun 26 2022 - 6:43am

We hope that you have a blast at Camp Lanoche making memories that will last a lifetime.  Parents, keep a look out for photos of your scouts on the Troop 13 Facebook page.  Scouts will have minimal use of their electronics while at camp.  We will allow them about a half-hour before lights out to call home.

Scout History from Historian

Posted on Jun 18 2022 - 10:34pm

The relationship between NASA and BSA has gone on for years. Of the former and current astronauts, ⅔ of them have been involved in scouting. 11 of the 12 men to walk on the moon were Scouts. And of the 24 men to travel to the moon 20 were scouts. The skills that BSA teaches can take you far places. Have a fun summer.     ~Ethan C

Have a Great Summer!!!

Posted on Jun 14 2022 - 10:45pm

We look forward to seeing everyone again at our first Troop Meeting of 2022/2023 on Thursday, August 11th.  We hope you have a blast at your summer camps and family vacations.  

Scout History from our Troop Historian

Posted on Jun 14 2022 - 12:06pm

The history between Boy Scouts and FBI works back to 1937. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover hosted scouts to visit the FBI headquarters. He also helped oversee the drafting of the fingerprinting merit badge pamphlet. Edgar Hoover got scouts to collect fingerprints on hard drives that would be sent to the FBI’s Civil Identification Section. This is separate from its criminal database but still helped gather the IDs of many Americans.

Scout History from our Troop Historian

Posted on Jun 4 2022 - 11:03pm

For the first scout history topic, I want to make it important. Did you know that on December 7, 1941, the day that Pearl Harbor was bombed, scouts were sent to help out. Fred Forbes the Scout Executive for Honolulu said in a telegram “Honolulu Scouts and Scouters in emergency action—communication, first aid, general assistance, and helpfulness”. This thriftiness and helpfulness really shows what a true scout is like. -Ethan B Campbell

CONGRATULATIONS to our NEW Troop 13B and 13G PLC's !!

Posted on May 14 2022 - 10:50pm

We held our semi-annual Troop Elections at last Thursday's Troop Meeting.  Our NEW Troop 13 youth leaders are- SPLs- Sophie Neto and Zef Steiert, ASPLs- Victoria Reynolds and Cade Crisafi, Scribes- Jolie Copin and Brightman Kornegay, Librarian- Andrew Sevald, Historian- Ethan Campbell, Quartermaster- Matthew Tribuiani, Bugler- Andrew Sevald, Chaplain Aide- Alex Neto, Webmaster- NJ Prada, Outdoor Ethics Guide- Jon Robert Bell, OA Representative- Jack Markee, Troop Guides- Camden Sevald, Sebastian Reynolds and Luke Krayeski.  Also, our NEW Patrol Leaders are- Badgers- Teddy Snyder, Cherokee Arrowheads- Alexander Willians, Gators- Lawson Utecht, Hammerheads- Brightman Kornegay, Wizards- Charlie Williams, and Nuclear Narwhals- Divya Schulz.  In addition, we have Den Chiefs serving in the following Cub Scout Packs- P125 John Robert Bell; P756 Vasare Meister, Divya Shulz, Oliver Clanton, and Matthew Tribuiani; P141- Layla Pardue, Brightman Kornegay, Charles Large, Ellis Lit, and Duncan McLeod.  Congratulations to all the other scouts in patrol roles that are not listed.

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